We provide wealth planning, fiduciary, and administrative services focused on cross-generational transition, governance and global wealth protection. Our clients and their advisors trust us to design, implement and administer complex financial arrangements and fiduciary structures that stand the test of time.


We help our clients in three main areas...



Generational transition…Succession planning

  • Determining who gets what, how and when

  • Minimising the impact of conflicting laws for multinational estates

  • Structuring wealth tax-efficiently

  • Documenting and communicating rights and obligations for each asset type



Business strategy and governance…Investment governance…Family governance…Expenditure planning…Philanthropy

  • Reviewing and improving governance of business, family and assets

  • Evaluating checks and balances, potential conflicts, sources of risk and mechanisms for handling disputes



Asset protection…Privacy protection

  • Stress-testing existing structures to assess vulnerability to policy changes, particularly in emerging markets

  • Stress-testing the investment approach

  • Safeguarding privacy and avoiding unnecessary public disclosures

  • Protecting individuals and families from the adverse
    impact of their wealth


We work with successful families, their family offices,
and the trusted advisors they rely on for support. 


Our clients need tailor-made solutions for the effective day-to-day administration of the family’s wealth within a robust framework.


Clients range from entrepreneurs who want to ensure a smooth transition of management and ownership of operating businesses to families who want to plan for the involvement of future generations in the management and ownership of the family’s wealth. Our solutions help them achieve their objectives now and into the future.

The nature of our work requires us to build very close relationships with our clients. This puts a natural limit on the size of our business. It means we will always remain a business of human scale.


 1. Understand the client

  • Find out what really matters. What does the client want to achieve?

  • Define purpose of planning and nature of legacy

  • Notion of family, values and vision

  • Establish the time horizon and the role of future generations

  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of business and non-business assets

  • Discuss and set objectives

  • Gain a 360-degree view to develop a suitable overall plan


2. Assess the challenges

  • Evaluate the risks and potential conflicts – inside and outside the family

  • Review the development of wealth since initial structures were established

  • Stress test – including for social, economic, technological and political upheaval

  • Assess key person risk and the effectiveness of checks and balances 

  • Check appropriateness of planning for today’s tax and regulatory world


3. Formalise solutions

Strategic planning

  • Tackle big issues of transition, governance and protection

Fiduciary and administration

  • Make it easier to live, work and invest internationally

  • Hold and administer the full range of assets

  • Safeguard and build wealth across generations

Investment governance

  • Bring more clarity and control to investing 

  • Appoint partners and manage assets

  • Active monitoring, oversight and reporting